In our society today there is much confusion and misunderstanding of what pageants are, what they stand for, and which ones are the real deal. There are so many different pageants out there that have Miss Teen Canada in their title, and it can often be difficult trying to figure out the differences between those and the real ones. The truth is however that none of them are real. There are several competitions out there that use the name Miss Teen Canada however it is not the same company producing it.

From 1969 to 1971, the original Miss Teen Canada Pageant that our parents remember went by the name of Miss Teenage Canada. However in 1972 it was then renamed to Miss Teen Canada. The original Miss Teen Canada Pageant was a loved national tradition in Canada from its inception in 1969 up until the time where financial concerns caused the pageant to be shut down in late 1990. It was both a personality and beauty competition in Canada for women ages 14 to 17 and had always been held in Toronto, Ontario. When the event started in 1969 it was televised on CTV and was originally sponsored by A&W Drive-Ins. Cleo Productions was the owner of this event for the majority of its years.

Miss Teen Canada was the original pageant along with Miss Canada but today pageants in Canada have changed quite significantly and there is no longer just one “Teen Canada Pageant”. This year Miss Teenage Canada became the new name for what was formerly known as Miss Teen Canada- World and is now the largest Teen Competition in all of Canada.  It is owned by MTC-W Inc. and produced by Michelle Weswaldi. MTC-W produced pageant is the largest Canadian Teen competition closest to Miss Teen USA.  The first winner to win the title was Katie Starke in 2008 from Uxbridge, Ontario and ever since then MTC-W has continued to create an amazing pageant experience for hundreds of delegates from across the country with one girl each year taking home the national title.

MTC-W is the largest pageant today in Canada. It is the only one to hold provincial pageants as well as being known as the largest prize winning pageant. From this pageant there are several different scholarships to be won from academics to talent scholarships, as well as over $25,000 in cash and prizes awarded to the title winner. The winner also goes to Miss Teen Universe to compete with others from across the world. This pageant has the most delegates, the most media exposure and even has a Celebrity Judging panel which has included individuals such as…

Belinda Kirakou a celebrity weight-loss, yoga and lifestyle coach,

Chelsae Durocher former Miss Universe Canada 2011,

and Sarah Fisher, a young singer, songwriter, model and actress from Toronto                    

along with many other amazing judges.

Not only is there a celebrity-judging panel but also celebrity hosts such as this years host, Luke Bilyk, a Canadian Actor who is best known for his role on Degrassi.


There have been many amazing women who year after year have won the National title and have become great ambassadors for our nation and incredible role models to look up to. Each young woman has had something personal to give of herself during her years reign. Here are the previous winners from 2008 to now:

2008 – Katie Starke 

2009 – Siera Bearchell

2010 – Channing Killi Smendziuk 

2011 – Lauren Howe 

2012 – Megha Sandhu 
2013 – Jillian Martin 

Miss Teenage Canada is also affiliated closely with the Free the Children organization. This charitable organization works both nationally and internationally to empower youth to become agents of change. Free the Children carries out several different campaigns each year and this year there focus was put on a ‘Year of Education’. Education is the most powerful tool that we have, which we can each use to change the world one step at a time. I have been privileged to work with Free the Children again this year as each year all national delegates are required to raise a minimum amount for Free the Children with the top fundraiser receiving a Me to We trip to Kenya along with the National titleholder.
 (Siera in Kenya)

Pageants are so much more than just a girl with a pretty face. As much as outer appearance and beauty is an important aspect, the greater importance is what is on the inside and what one has to offer. This is the first time I have ever competed in a pageant and it has really increased my confidence in many areas of life. As I have worked to promote my platform in various ways and be a role model for others I have been pushed outside of my box, which has greatly benefited me. When it comes to public speaking my confidence has increased greatly as a lot of what I have doing requires putting myself out there and getting in front of people to talk about my platform, Free the Children or whatever else the topic may be.  I have always loved being involved in the community wherever I could and being a part of this pageant, with my title I have had so many opportunities that I have been given to continue my involvement and in different ways. I have been able to work with the MS Society on many occasions, help with multiple fundraisers all for great causes, be involved with the elementary schools and so many other neat opportunities which is what this pageant is really all about. Being actively involved for a good cause and a positive role model for others, both young and old. I have also been able to do other fun events such as be in parades, play the part of a real princess at local fundraisers, share my platform and pageant experience through the radio and newspapers, attend Miss Earth Alberta pageant as an honored guest and so many other great opportunities. I wish I could do them all, but everything that I have been able to do has been an incredible experience and has really helped to build my self-confidence.

I’m still trying to grasp the idea that in less than two weeks, I will be competing in a pageant that my parents remember as Miss Teen Canada. Every time I saw my friends talk about Miss Teen USA and their experience of working towards their title it really made me want to be able to do something to that magnitude for myself. The idea of being in a pageant always sounded like a fun idea to me, but if I had been asked just a few years earlier I would never of thought that, that would of became a reality. However in the fall of 2013 I saw an ad on Face book for the Miss Teenage Canada page that read, “apply now…no experience necessary,” and with that statement I figured there was no harm in applying and trying something new. With that I applied for the Miss Teenage Canada pageant and from there I have been able to work myself to where I am today!

With the Title of Miss Teenage Canada 2014, I would be honoured to get to further promote my platform on a larger scale that there isn’t just one definition of beauty. I want others to realize their self worth and value by being an advocate for health and wellness in all aspects of life. I also want to help others to gain that self-confidence which I have been able to attain for myself. The reason I chose this as my platform is because I believe that no two people are the same, so there is no point in trying to compare ourselves with one another. There is no point in trying to become someone else or live someone else’s life when you can live your own life…a life that no one else can live for you!



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