Hello Hello! Sorry it has been much too long since I have I blogged, here’s what is new!



First off, Nationals is coming so quick! Toronto is going to be here in 16 days! Who is excited? It will be so much fun to meet everyone in person and see all my pageant sisters from Alberta. There will be so many new opportunities and new faces I cannot wait. I wish the week of nationals would last forever! Where else would I get to meet Luke Bilyk and  Megha Sandhu, along with gorgeous delegates from all over Canada in the same week? No matter what the outcome of the pageant I am so blessed to be apart of this amazing journey. It has made me a better person and that much closer to the person I wish to be.  This pageant has taught me to be more outgoing, confident, selfless, elegant  and I haven’t even got to nationals yet!

My dad and I in Rizhao!

Unfortunately, though, my entire family won’t be able to attend to watch the finals. My dad is flying out for China today but who can blame him, someone has to pay for my university right? He has accepted a 2 year contract out there and will not be around for nationals and that is OK! I will make him watch it online from China haha. My cheering section probably won’t be huge, it may only be my mom there but hey him being back in China means really cool vacations, which is a bonus! I know no matter where he is in the world he will be cheering me on along with my other family!

University of Victoria

With that being said! I have registered for my classes at University of Victoria and will be pursuing my International Business degree. Victoria is going to be a blast! I will have a lot of my friends from high-school living there as well! Maybe I will even become friends with some of the BC delegates and we can meet up – how cool would that be?

Miss Teen West Calgary and I

Having this title has been so rewarding and opened up a lot of doors and hopefully many more in the future. I love being Miss Teen Central Alberta World 2013 and could not be more grateful for those who have helped me along the way! Like Bridal Boutique and everyone there; they are sponsoring me a dress and asked me to do a fashion show for them! Stay tuned for a post on that!

That’s everything you have missed in the life of Miss Teen Central Alberta World 2013!






Written by: Sian Slingerland

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