Signature Towels is best known for their custom embroidered, high quality monogrammed towels and bath robes. They have an assortment of towels and robes, with array of colors  and fonts. You can create an immaculate present for the rare person in your life. Or just order one for yourself! They are perfect as a gift or for everyday life!  They can be used as decor for the bathrooms in the house or as a towel for the beach. You can get your name or initials embroidered on them in almost any font you choose, as well. These towels are thoughtful, personal, and luxurious. If I were to create a commercial for them this is how it would go.

First I would pick the Personalized Bath Towel to create a commercial for. I would have five different scenes. All would be different shots from everyday activities that require a towel. There would be no sounds from the scene only music – Blessed by Brent Dennen .I would need ten characters, and 10 extras for the last scene, all of their ages would range. I would also need an adorable English Mastiff for my fourth scene. Every scene would have a different length and every landscape or background image would vary. This is how each scene would play out;

Scene 1

The entire commercial has no sounds from the scenes. The only sound is Blessed by Brent Dennen. Scene one is a ten second scene on a bright sunny summer day at the beach. The camera is focused on four sandy custom towels with Mike in Jokerman font and blue, Joanne in Park Avenue font and purple, Lucy in Flower

font and pink, and Jack in Prince-town font and red, all in one row. The camera scans the towels from one end to the other end than pans out to wide screen of all of them but still focused on the towels. In the background is a blurred scene of two women and two men playing beach volleyball, laughing, and having a great time


Mike played by Jamie Spilchuck, Joanne played by Carly Foulkes, Lucy played by Gillian Vigman, and Jack played by Jackson Mcqueen.



Scene 2

Scene two is a five second scene of two friends who are on a speed boat at the lake. One person is holding on to their hat and on to a signature towel. They lose their grasp and looking back in shock; it flies away and out of the back of the speed boat. It lands perfectly in the water so the initials RS, in Lucian font, are visible. The boat has to turn around so the person on board can scoop their favorite green towel out of the water before it sinks! The boats jets off into the sun set leaving the perfect water trail behind it.


Man played by Jonathan Heard and the woman is played by Stephanie Courtney




Scene 3

Scene three is a three second scene of a loving mom and her six year old child in a pink custom towel, with ‘Gracie’ in Curlz font perfectly stitched into it. They are in a beautiful bathroom with a big bubble bath behind them. The little girl has the biggest smile on her face, mirroring the image of her mother. She is giggling as her mom dries her off with the towel. Her mom is laughing too, and then kisses her on the forehead and smiles.


The actors in this scene would be Sophia Grace as the child and her mom would be played by actress Jordana DePaula



Scene 4

Scene four is a seven second scene of a teenage boy sitting on a stool with a kiddie pool in front of him. He is in his backyard and the weather is beautiful and bright. The grass is green and the flowers are bloomed.

In the kiddie pool is a huge English Mastiff just finishing being rinsed off; he still has some suds on him. The boy reaches down and grabs a Granite colored towel with the name ‘Scooby’ custom stitched into it, in Tango font. As the boy goes to dry off Scooby he shakes and getting everything wet including his owner. The boy laughs and starts to dry off his childhood pet with the granite custom embroidered towel.


Teenage Boy played by Miles Lancaster

Scene 5

The final scene is five seconds long and at a bridal shower. The bride is handed a beautiful red box with a black ribbon on it addressed to her. She opens up her gift, and inside is two white personalized bath towels with ‘Tracy’ and ‘George’ in Edwardian Script. Perfect for her new bathroom, in her new house; when she starts her new life with the one that she loves most. Everyone around her looks ecstatic about this amazing gift, and everyone is smiling. You can tell giving the bride these custom towels were the perfect bridal shower gift. Everyone is happy and laughing. The music would fade out. The bride looks up to the screen and says ‘Signature Towels – Perfect Gift, Perfect Everyday’ while the words appear at the bottom of the screen and the commercial would end.


Bride played by Amber Heard




The variety of scenes just shows how dynamic a Signature Towel can be. They are perfect as a gift, at the beach, at home, or as decor. They have a variety of different colors and fonts so you can create a towel as unique as the person you wish to give it to or to match the theme of the bathroom. Thank You so much to Signature Towels for the Sponsor!!!

Written by: Sian Slingerland

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