Oh too be young again hahah! Just kidding I know I am still a child to most but sometimes I do wish I could go back in time! A times where mom did everything and nap time was whenever we felt like it! Times when Doctor Papa would take care of any owie and Dad could fix any tears. A time when you fell asleep on the couch and woke up in your bed, that sure doesn’t happen anymore. With each birthday little things like that seem to disappear – welcome to being an adult I guess!


Remember when birthdays were the best day of the year? Breakfast in bed, all the presents a girl could ask for, cake! Birthdays seem to lose their spark and turn into any other day of the year. You don’t get to stay home from school and be spoiled by your family. It’s less significant each year. I suppose it’s all apart of growing up. Growing up does have it perks though! I am now officially legal across Canada! So I guess that’s a bonus! Next birthday I will no longer be a teenie bopper, though, kind of makes me sad!

Growing up, so far, I have learned a lot. I have learned to love and forgive; to bite my lip and be an adult. My mom taught me to be independent and learn how to stand on my own two feet, with out any help. I do have a lot of growing up to do still and that is quite alright with me! I have made some amazing friends and been to some amazing places. So where do I go from here? University, more travel, career? I don’t even know where to begin. For now, though, my focus is on Miss Teen Canada-World. Everything after that is just an adventure I will take in stride. I am still young and have my entire life ahead and so many things I wish to accomplish! Great things will come to those who stay positive, so positive I will stay! I have been so privileged and blessed. I could not be more thankful!

Just a few things that were on my mind! xox



Written by: Sian Slingerland

3 Responses to It’s MY birthday and I’ll cry if I want too!

  1. Rob Campbell says:

    So did you cry? How come there are no pictures of your birthday party included?

  2. Nana Harvey says:

    You are beyond your age. You’re an old soul.

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