Greetings everyone! Miss Teenage Central Alberta here, welcoming you all to join my journey toward Miss Teenage Canada.

Why don’t we start with a little bit about me.

I have always been very adventurous with every little task I have completed. Since the age of 2, where I spoke Spanish conversations (thanks to Dora) with lots of the staff on a vacation with my family to Mexico, to now, where I continue to explore the unknown. I started to love dance as soon as I was put into it at the age of 2. I danced the styles of tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical and hip hop. During my years of dance, I was introduced to the world of cheerleader at age of 6. I continued to do both dance and cheer until I had to face a decision of cheer or dance. I choose to continue my cheerleading but I still dance on the sidelines for fun with my dancer friends.

Throughout my changes in extra curricular activities, I have strived through schooling receiving the Honor Roll award at my school for the past 2 years. As I am still only in middle school, I plan to continue achieve my goals as a student and creating a bright future using my education. I plan to continue my education and learning into college to receive my Masters of Arts in Teaching with specialty in special education.

You all are probably wondering, “Scotia, why did you want to participate in the Miss Teenage Alberta pageant anyways?”. I decided to engage in the pageant i because I want to become a good role model to everyone that I interact with. I specifically want to become a better role model for the girls that I coach in cheerleading. They all have goals to become better in every way they can in cheerleading and in life so I want to be able to inspire them to become better. They have inspired me to become a better coach so I want to inspire them to be better athletes and people in community.

I am super excited and happy to be participating at Miss Teenage Canada in August for the year 2017! I had a pleasure at our provincial pageant in Alberta. I met some wonderful ladies who have inspired me in many ways. Glad to have met them, I am even more happy to say that most of them will be joining me in Toronto with many new ladies from all over Canada. I am so excited to begin the journey and I hope all of you will follow along with me via blog, facebook, twitter and instagram.

Thank you and talk to you soon,

Scotia, Miss Teenage Central Alberta 2017!

Written by: Scotia

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