Edmontonians going Green!

There isn’t any particular building in Edmonton that is greener than the other but there is plan to start making all of them green! There is a big movement to be environmentally friendly, as there should be, and Edmonton has jumped on board! Going green consists of many different factors. Edmonton has banned together to start a Green Building Plan.  What is a green building exactly and what does it look like?

A green building is a building that uses environmentally friendly methods and materials, during the construction, to create a sustainable design that will be efficient during the operation. Creating a green building means looking at efficient management of energy and water, management of material resources and waste, protection of health and the indoor environment, reinforcement of natural systems, and integrating the design approach. All of these play a key factor in Edmonton’s Green Building Plan.

Edmonton’s Green Building Plan is looking to not only create new efficient buildings but also

renovate existing buildings to be green, as well. The goal of the plan is to improve the environmental, health, and socio-economic performance of all types of buildings in the city: commercial, institutional, industrial, mixed-use, 

multi-family residential and single-family residential buildings. This plan has been developed to support The Way We Green: Edmonton’s Environmental Strategic Plan.  Going green will be beneficial for everyone and for the years to come. Edmonton looked at what buildings will be around in 2050 and is making sure all buildings will meet the LEED silver standard.

The plan will cover all types of buildings from industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential. Green buildings come in all shapes and sizes, and have so many different specifications that make it qualify as being ‘green’ like:

  •  LEED standards
  • Rooftop Gardens, Reflective White Roof Systems

    White Roof Example

  • Recycle Bins
  •  Compost
  • Energy and water efficiency
  •   Lowering carbon emissions
  •   Enhancing and protecting biodiversity
  •   Reducing waste

The list goes on and on and even the smallest green change will make an impact and be one step closer to a greener city. Every little action has a reaction and in this case it will brighten everyone’s future! The city will be greener, the air will be cleaner, and life will better. Edmonton’s Green Building Plan is just one step closer to a better world.

Written by: Sian Slingerland

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    good work. Where are the keyword tags? Nice white roof picture.

  2. Good job on the blog and the link to sponsor 🙂

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