Edmonton has many tourist attractions but is most known for North America’s largest mall, West Edmonton Mall. With over 800 stores and services, people from all over Canada, and the world, come to see the 5.3 million square foot attraction. West Ed has approximately 30.8 million yearly visitations making it the number one tourist attraction in the province, WOW!

WEM holds world records like, largest indoor amusement park, largest indoor wave pool, and largest parking lot so it’s no wonder why it would take 3 whole days to see everything in the mall! The mall also has more than 100 eating venues, 2 clubs, an arena, a shooting range, a bowling alley, two hotels, a sea lion attraction, a huge Scotia Bank theater, two mini golf courses, a casino, and not to mention a pirate ship in it!

Pirate Ship!!

Established in 1981 by the Ghermezians, the mall, equivalent to 48 street blocks, is the world’s tenth largest mall and my favorite place to shop! It holds a variety of fun events from roller derby competitions, cheer-leading and karate competitions, to the Taste of Bourbon letting you sample all the restaurants down Bourbon Street; which was delicious by the way! The Marble Slab Creamery was my FAVORITE, who doesn’t love ice cream?

Taste of Bourbon Street

They had Pink Bowling shoes at Ed's Rec Room for Breast Cancer!

There is never a dull moment when visiting WEM! It has everything a mom, dad, grandparents, kids, and young adults could ask for! There are activities for Mom, obviously it IS a mall, like shopping, spas, and more shopping; activities for the kids like mini golf, bowling, swimming, climbing, skating, and the amusement park;  Dad also has things to do, for once in a mall, like the Comic strip, Hooters, shooting range, and Casino!; Grandma and Grandpa can go enjoy a huge Bingo hall and play for hours; There are also two clubs and a dinner theater that any teenager/young adult can enjoy, as long as you’re of age, duh!



I highly recommend visiting West Edmonton Mall at least once! There is something new and exciting around every corner and it definitely does not disappoint! Located at 8882 170 St NW Edmonton, AB T5T 4V4, right in the heart of the West and close to everything!!



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Written by: Sian Slingerland

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