Is there really anything better than spending countless hours floating, tanning, or having fun at the beach? I think no which is why my go to place for fun in Central Alberta is Sylvan Lake.

Sylvan Lake at sunset

Sylvan Lake gives a friendly, family feeling as there are lots of families that go there to spend the day. Sylvan Lake also has a pier which is super fun to run and jump off of into the cold water on a hot summer day. This past year, the town of Sylvan Lake introduced the new “Aqua Splash”. The Aqua Splash is a fun inflatable obstacle course with monkey bars, water trampolines, rope climbing and so much more. If you are not really enjoying the whole “obstacle course” idea but still want the excitement and exhilaration, you should check out Canadian Jetpack Adventures. Water jetpacking fills your body with energy you did not even know you had! After a fun filled day at the lake, be sure to stop by the delicious Big Moo Ice Cream Parlour. Tons of delicious flavours to choose from that will chill you in the heat of summer.

Sylvan Lake has always been a favourite place of mine to visit for as long as I can remember. Sylvan has always been a place I am proud to call my “escape”. When I go to Sylvan I am relaxed, happy, and calm. Sylvan lake is a great place to go camping or to just spend the day out soaking up some rays. It is my favorite place to visit in Central Alberta.

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Scotia xo

Written by: Scotia

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