Hello everyone,
I’m shareena, miss teenage central Alberta 2018. When I decided I would run, I wasn’t really thinking of what it would entail.
my first thought of running was with my best friend Sapphirra. We were supposed to run in miss teenage Alberta together, she was very beautiful. She died of suicide before she got the chance. It really hurt, more than words can describe. I miss her so much, I’m not the type to do beauty pageants, she was really outgoing and gorgeous. I’m just doing this for her. I’m shy, I have social anxiety. and even now writing this I’m freaking out. but I ran to finish what we started. I didn’t think I would actually place. I’ve been getting invited to go speak at events, news, radio shows, to model at fashion shows, to do all these out there stuff that I have a difficult time doing, and yes some I even back out of because I’m scared. I’m thankful to have my auntie Katie, she really pushes and encourages me to get out there. It really is hard for me.
I speak about youth suicides, I’m raising awareness about it. I’m also trying to end the stigma on mental health. I’m not an expert, I don’t have statistics or studies, I just know it hurts to be judged, and it hurts more to lose someone to suicide.
I never would have thought I would have done so much. I did this for you baby girl, I love you Sapphirra.

Written by: Shareena
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