Delicious Cookies with our Name on them from PS

What a crazy first few days!! We have done so many things in such a little amount of time it is crazy! I am so grateful to be here and am having the best time ever! So here’s what you’ve missed!

Day one was pretty fun after the craze of girls got to the Holiday Inn near the airport! Once we got to the hotel there was a bit of time to chill, which was extremely needed for the girls who had to travel far to be here! We then went upstairs and had a small orientation followed by the meeting some of our lovely sponsors like Hi-Tec Canada, who fitted us for some amazingly comfortable shoes (I got awesome purple ones!), Golden Glamour Goddesses, Schwarzkopf Osis Hair and beauty Products, PS – Pretty Sweet (who made the best cookies I have ever tasted, I am actually still eating them!), and of course Free The Children! It was a great afternoon of getting to know our sponsors a bit more, by the way Thank You!! We got to taste test some deliciously sinful sweets and got some free hair care products!! I felt so spoiled!


 We also got to meet the current Miss Teen Canada World 2012 Megha!!

Day 2 was so beyond hectic, I do not even know where to begin! We had a great breakfast and then headed up to the conference room for a ferociously full day. We had our photo shoot, video shoot, and interview with the judges! My photo shoot was short and sweet and I had an AMAZING dress sponsored to me by Bridal Boutique. It was so unique, bright, and just perfect for the photo-shoot!  The video shoot was very late but totally worth it once we get our video cds! The whole day was crazy, so crazy in fact that some video shoots went to late some girls did not even make it back to their rooms until 1 am! It will all pay off in the end, this is a once in a life time opportunity!

Day 3 was the best day of my life! Actually though. We got up at an ungodly hour and headed downtown Toronto for an appearance on Breakfast Television! Some girl got interviewed as well! The BT crew were super nice and made it really easy for us nervous girls! After that our tummies were rumbling and breakfast was calling so we headed over to the Grenadier Café for a hearty meal to get us ladies through the big day ahead! CN Tower was calling our names and we had a wonderful view once we got up to the platform of the 553.33 meter high building. The glass floors were the coolest part and the scariest haha! By the time this was all over we headed over to the Distillery District to meet Rob for a lively scavenger hunt! The prizes included fresh oysters, cookies, gelato, smoothies, phone cases, buttons, tarts, hair-ties, and the $45 gift card! I had such an enjoyable time there! Rob put on a very delightful hunt! Café Uno sponsored our lunch, thank you by the way, of burgers and hot dogs!

Costa Blanca was kind enough to sponsor a $50 gift card for all ofthe delegates so we headed over there for a quick shop and I ended up with more clothes than I bargained for, oh well! Haha Thank You Costa Blanca for the Gift Card!!


New Music Live on Much Music was next and what I was looking forward to since I heard we had the chance to attend!!!!!!!!!! I got to meet my idol Phoebe Dykstra and Lauren Toyota  as well. They were extremely cheerful and full of nice things to say, they were a lot shorter than I anticipated, though. After all that was said and done it was time to head back to the hotel and crash for the night.

Today was a little bit easier going but still packed! Breakfast at Grenadier Café for a big meal again and just like that our day had started! Yoga at Union was first to check off the list. Samara was our instructor and it was a very packed class. After working out in our shoes from Hi Tec Canada and doing yoga constantly the past few months this workout class was a huge need! I definitely got to know Bianca and Madison a lot more! Class was short, sweet, and worked all the muscles that needed a good working out! Second down the list of activities was rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals!

My favorite instructor Sean was back for nationals to teach us all of our dance numbers for the final night! He also showed us the perfect pageant stance and how to walk like the elegant women we are! Once we had finished rehearsals and lunch it was on the bus again and off to the Eaton Centre for some MORE SHOPPING and DINNER. Garage gave us another gift card and Urban Eatery gave us some gift cards for dinner! I got way too much clothes! I am going to have to get another suit case for my flight home. I had a delicious salad for dinner and enjoyed all the attention from people in the mall! We got lots of photo with some fans from the UK and some mini princesses as well! It has been a long few days and I am trying to soak up every single moment! This is a once in a life time opportunity and it has been the best experience of my life so far! I cannot wait for the ZOO TOMORROW!!!

 Stay tuned for some more marvelous adventures!!! 
Written by: Sian Slingerland

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